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With a wealth of experience forged through collaborative partnerships, the inception of notion4 Group came to fruition. Our Managing Director (MD) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) synergized their expertise to establish a pioneering recruitment and consultancy enterprise. Recognizing gaps in the market and leveraging genuine construction acumen, we envisioned enhancing client experiences through informed solutions and services.

In strategic alliance with our financial services partner, we seamlessly offer a comprehensive 360-degree service at the most competitive rates in the industry. Bolstered by a cadre of specialists, we are steadfast in our commitment to realizing our business objectives and delivering what we confidently assert to be the premier service in the UK.

Our business is dedicated to providing construction companies with an all-encompassing service aimed at sourcing laboUr and offering project consultancy backed by cutting-edge industry expertise. Our services include:U
  • Sourcing Freelance/Temporary Contractors: We specialize in finding skilled individuals for short-term or project-based roles in the construction industry. Whether you need additional manpower for a specific task or require expertise for a particular project phase, we connect you with the right contractors.
  • Trade, Labour, Management: Our recruitment services cover a wide range of roles, from skilled tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, to general labourers, supervisors, and project managers. Whatever your staffing needs, we have a network of qualified professionals ready to fill those positions.
  • Permanent Recruitment: In addition to temporary staffing solutions, we also assist in finding permanent employees for your construction company. Whether you’re looking to expand your team or fill key leadership positions, we leverage our extensive network and expertise to identify candidates who are the right fit for your organization.
  • Project Support: Our team provides comprehensive project support services to help ensure the success of your construction ventures. From project planning and scheduling to budgeting and risk management, we offer guidance and assistance at every stage of the project lifecycle.
  • Engineering: We offer engineering expertise to address technical challenges and optimize project designs. Whether it’s structural engineering, mechanical systems design, or civil engineering services, our consultants bring valuable insights and solutions to your projects.
  • Architectural: Our architectural consulting services cover everything from initial concept development and schematic design to construction documentation and permitting. We work closely with architects and design teams to translate visions into reality while ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.
  • Surveying: Accurate land surveying is essential for the success of any construction project. Our surveying consultants utilize the latest technology and techniques to provide precise measurements, boundary determinations, and mapping services, helping to inform site design and construction decisions.
  • E-Learning Courses:

    • Accredited Courses: All our e-learning courses are accredited, ensuring high-quality content and recognized certification.
    • Diverse Course Offerings: Our courses cover essential topics such as asbestos awareness, working at heights, confined spaces, CSCS certification, and more.
    • Convenient Learning Platform: Accessible anytime, anywhere, our e-learning platform provides flexibility for operatives to complete courses at their own pace.
    • Compliance Assurance: Our courses adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance and safety for construction operatives and companies.
  • On-Site Training Services:

    • Tailored Training Programs: We offer on-site training services customized to the specific needs and requirements of construction companies.
    • Toolbox Talks: Engaging and informative toolbox talks delivered on-site to promote safety awareness and best practices among operatives.
    • Face Fitting: Practical sessions conducted on-site to ensure proper fitting and use of respiratory protective equipment, enhancing safety on construction sites.
    • Comprehensive On-Site Courses: In addition to toolbox talks and face fitting, we provide a range of on-site courses covering various topics relevant to construction operations and safety.
  • Collaboration with Local Colleges:

    • We work closely with local colleges to identify and source young individuals interested in pursuing careers in the construction industry.
    • By partnering with colleges, we ensure a steady pipeline of aspiring apprentices ready to enter the workforce.
  • Apprenticeship Programs:

    • Notion4 offers apprenticeship programs designed to provide young individuals with practical experience and training in the construction field.
    • These programs include both classroom-based learning and hands-on training opportunities, allowing apprentices to gain valuable skills and qualifications.
  • Placements at Client Sites:

    • We facilitate placements for apprentices at our clients’ construction sites, providing them with real-world experience and exposure to various aspects of the construction industry.
    • Through on-site training, apprentices have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, hone their skills, and contribute to ongoing projects.
  • Support and Guidance:

    • Notion4 provides ongoing support and guidance to apprentices throughout their training and placement periods.
    • Our team mentors apprentices, offering advice, assistance, and encouragement to help them succeed in their apprenticeship journey.
  • Qualification Assurance:

    • We ensure that apprentices have access to the necessary qualifications and certifications required to complete their apprenticeship programs successfully.
    • By coordinating with colleges and training providers, we help apprentices obtain relevant qualifications, paving the way for future career advancement opportunities.



At Notion4, our mission is to empower construction companies with comprehensive support and expertise, enabling them to navigate challenges, drive project success, and foster positive client relationships. Through our holistic approach encompassing recruitment, consulting, and a strong commitment to social responsibility, we are dedicated to nurturing the future of the construction industry, delivering innovative solutions, and making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.


Our vision at Notion4 is to become the leading partner of choice for construction companies, renowned for our unparalleled support, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence. We aspire to be recognized as industry pioneers, driving positive change, fostering sustainable growth, and empowering the next generation of builders. Through our dedication to continuous improvement and social responsibility, we aim to build a brighter future for the construction industry and the communities we serve.

Nicholas Illes
Avoca Construction

notion4 has provided us a seamless comprehensive service that has been the support we require as a fast growing construction company.


Get to know more about what makes notion4 unique – introducing our nationwide team of specialists.

Bradley Hudson
Chief Operating Officer

Brad has amassed extensive experience in leadership within the construction industry, having overseen construction businesses at a senior level for 12 years. His expertise extends to both the establishment and successful divestiture of construction companies. Throughout his tenure, Brad has demonstrated his adeptness in steering large-scale construction projects, with values reaching up to £5 million, spanning across diverse sectors. Additionally, he has contributed significantly to the residential market, overseeing the development of properties valued at up to £2 million. With a profound understanding of project costing and delivery, Brad is a valuable asset, ensuring the successful execution of projects under his purview.

Nathan Ferris
Managing Director

A seasoned veteran in the construction recruitment industry, boasting an impressive 12-year tenure. With a knack for securing contracts with large PLCs and nurturing relationships with small to medium-sized contractors, Nathan’s expertise is the result of hard work, dedication, and a keen eye for solutions. His leadership experience extends to managing recruitment teams, where he excels in fostering talent and driving results. At Notion4, Nathan’s proven track record and solution-oriented approach make him an invaluable asset in delivering exceptional outcomes for clients and candidates alike.

Jake Lewis
Recruitment Director

Jakes career has been marked by successful collaborations with both blue-chip companies and SME enterprises, where he has played a pivotal role in fulfilling their temporary labor requirements. His strength lies in his ability to build and nurture long-standing relationships with businesses nationwide. His dedication to understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions has earned him respect and recognition throughout the industry. At Notion4, Jake is committed to leveraging his expertise to drive positive outcomes for clients and candidates alike, ensuring seamless and successful placements in the dynamic world of construction.

Lucy Hudson
Recruitment Manager

Lucy brings to the table an impressive 24 years of experience in the realm of recruitment, with a decade of her career dedicated to serving as a Recruitment Director within the financial sector. In addition to her tenure in finance, Lucy has also played diverse roles within construction companies. Her responsibilities have encompassed managing recruitment processes, overseeing financial operations, and supervising subcontract packages, showcasing her versatility and proficiency across multiple domains within the industry.

John Briely
Construction Consulting Lead
Scott Richie
Senior Recruitment Consultant

As the Business Development Manager, Scott leverages 15 years of expertise in cultivating relationships with corporate entities. His track record speaks volumes, having effectively collaborated with prominent utility companies to foster enduring partnerships. Scott’s wealth of experience equips him with a deep understanding of client requirements, ensuring that partnerships are tailored to deliver seamless services that exceed expectations.

Harry Sturdy
Recruitment Consultant

Armed with sales experience and a drive to expand his horizons in the construction industry, Harry is eager to make his mark with the support of our dedicated team. As a young, talented, and inspirational individual with a can-do attitude, he brings fresh perspectives and energy to our endeavors. At Notion4, Harry is poised to embrace new challenges, learn from industry experts, and contribute to our mission with enthusiasm and determination.

Jovan Dimitrov
Sales & Marketing

An invaluable asset to Notion4 with a decade of expertise in the sales and marketing realm. With a proven track record of crafting successful campaigns for numerous recruitment agencies and large corporate organizations, Jovan specializes in driving organic growth through strategic networking, social media engagement, and precise audience targeting. At Notion4, Jovan’s wealth of experience and innovative approach to marketing ensures our continued success in reaching and exceeding our goals.